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Kachchi Ghani Mustard Oil
Superior Basmati Dubar Rice
Superior Basmati Tibar Rice
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Superior Basmati Rice
Supreme Long Grain Rice
Refined Cotton Seed Oil
Refined Soyabean Oil
Superior Mongra Rice
Premium Gold Basmati Rice
Premium Gold Basmati Sella Dubar
Premium Gold Basmati Sella Mongra
Premium Gold Mongra Rice
Supreme Long Grain Dubar
Supreme Long Grain Mongra
Superior Permal Rice
Wheat Atta
Whole Wheat Atta
Desi Wheat Atta
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1. Transfer Orders hafed/admin/a-1/1532 28-03-2018
2. Transfer orders Hafed/Admn-II/1538 28-03-2018
3. Office Orders Hafed/Admn/A-1/701 02-02-2018
4. Office Orders Hafed/Admn/A-1/702 02-02-2018
5. Transfer Orders Hafed/Admn/A-11/4031 12-12-2017
6. Nodal Officer of Hafed for Cashless Medical Facility Hafed/Acctts/Estt/5575 28-11-2017
7. Orders Hafed/Admn/A-1/3572 21-11-2017
8. Orders Hafed/Admn/A-1/3572 21-11-2017
9. Office Orders Hafed/Admin/A-1/3311 03-11-2017
10. Transfer Orders Hafed/Admn/A-3/2983 29-09-2017
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