Corringendum for extension in time of e-tender for Supply, fabrication and installation of Retail outlets of Haryana Agro Industries Corporation Limited in District Karnal and Gurugram (5 No. in Karnal and 5 No. in Gurugram).

it is Intimated that a short term e-tender were invited vide this office letter No. 1637 dated 15.01.2021 from 18.01.2021 to 22.01.2021 upto 12:00 PM. But, it is informed by the some interested bidders due to technical problems in the e-tendering portal, they could not participate in the tender for the subject cited work. They also send requests for extension of time for submit the tender online.
In view of the request of the bidders, the online submission of bid time i.e. 22.01.2021 upto 12:00 PM extended upto 22.01.2021 upto 04:00 PM and technical bid will be opened after 04:01 PM accordingly.

Last Date of Submission
January 22, 2021
Tender Issue Date