HAFED is one of the State procuring agencies for Procurement of Foodgrains for Central Pool with the largest share among all the Procuring Agencies. Haryana produces more than 10 millions tones of Food Grains with surplus both in Wheat & Paddy. HAFED is involved in Procurement of Wheat, Paddy, Mustard Seeds, Barley & Bajra on Minimum Support Price.

At present there is a net work of 367 mandis/ purchase centres in the State. However, as per need new mandi/ purchase centres can be opened in case basic amenities are provided by the Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board and fulfilling the norms prescribed by the Food & Supplies Department.


Wheat Procurement:

The wheat procurement is done for the central pool on behalf of the FCI. Procurement during the last few years is as under:

Year Share allotted %age Share procured %age Qty procured (lac MT)
2014-15 30 39.00 25.18
2015-16 40 43.69 29.55
2016-17 33 37.35 25.12
2017-18 33 36.19 26.84
2018-19 40 40.43 35.28
2019-20 40 42.00 39.18
2020-21 45 40.32 29.70


The Govt. of India fixed the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Fair Average Quality (FAQ) of Bajra @ Rs. 2000/- per qtl. for Kharif Marketing Season (KMS) 2019-20. The procurement made by HAFED on support price during the last 5 years is given below:-

Year MSP (Rs per qntl) Qty Procured (In MT)
2014-15 1,250 0
2015-16  1,275 4,352
2016-17 1,300 6,039
2017-18 1,425 25,114
2018-19  1,950 95,920
2019-20 2,000 95,000


Nafed is the central nodal agency for procurement of Oil Seeds and Pulses under Price support Scheme (PSS) in the country. Hafed is the State agency for procurement of Oil Seeds and Pulses on behalf of Nafed in Haryana. Hafed therefore also procures Mustard Seed, Gram & Sunflower Seed on behalf of Nafed under Price Support Scheme in case the prices of these commodities fall below the support price. Hafed also makes procurement of Mustard Seed for its Oil Mills on commercial basis. The procurement of Mustard Seed and Sunflower Seed by Hafed on behalf of Nafed during the last year are given below :

Year Mustard Seed (In LMT) Sunflower Seed (In MT)
2014-15 * 3,814
2015-16 * 4,162
2016-17 * 4,785
2017-18 0.37 8,459
2018-19 2.35 4,926
2019-20 5.19 7,106
2020-21 4.53 8,000


HAFED procures basmati as well as Non basmati paddy. HAFED has 11 Rice Mills situated at various places in Haryana. Some of the purchases are made on commercial lines for domestic sale as well as for exports, if any. Most of paddy is, however, purchased at support price for central pool & delivered as custom milled rice to FCI as per Govt. of India scheme. The purchases and turnover of paddy during last five years is as under:-

Year Share allotted %age Share procured %age Paddy (In Lac MT)
2014-15 31 33 9.85
2015-16 35 36 15.15
2016-17 33 35 18.42
2017-18 33 33 19.38
2018-19 40 31 18.06
2019-20 45 31 19.72

To improve the profitability of Rice Mills, HAFED has been making efforts to run them in association with private parties. However, its Rice Mill at Taraori is being run by HAFED at its own.

Procurement Procedures