HAFED makes direct agreements for urea with suppliers like IFFCO, Kribhco, NFL and other major suppliers of Urea. As regards purchases of DAP, Hafed invites Global tenders for arranging approx 2.5 lac M.T DAP annually and these purchases are finalised by High Powered Purchase Committee of the State Government. These tenders are floated mainly in the month of April and August every year. Zinc Sulphate is arranged from the different suppliers approved by Director Agriculture Haryana by inviting tenders in the month of April every year.The arrangement of Seeds are made from Haryana Seed Development Corporation for supply to the Marketing Societies.


Year UREA DAP Total (including other)
2009-10 2.60 3.60 6.20
2010-11 4.10 3.06 7.16
2011-12 4.69 3.15 7.84
2012-13 4.48 2.20 6.68
2013-14 (Upto 10.01.2014) 2.22 0.86 3.08