Marketing / Exports


HAFED is one of the few top brands known for its quality products among the consumers. HAFED’s products are available at HAFED’s Retail Outlets/ Consignee Agents in Chandigarh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Kolkatta, Himachal Pradesh, J & K and Bangalore. HAFED’s products are also being sold through retail outlets of Kendriya Bhandar, National Consumer Cooperative Federation, Nafed, State Civil Supplies Cooperatives in Delhi & Himachal Pradesh etc. HAFED is marketing the following consumer products in various packings :-


Superior Basmati Premium Gold Basmati
Superior Basmati Dubar Premium Gold Basmati Sella Dubar
Superior Basmati Tibar Premium Gold Basmati Sella Mongra
Superior & Mongra Superior Permal Rice
Brown Basmati (Superior) Supreme Long Grain Rice
Special Pusa Basmati Supreme Long Grain Dubar
Special Pusa Basmati Dubar Supreme Long Grain Tibar
Special Pusa Basmati Tibar Supreme Long Grain Mongra
Desi Wheat Atta Mustard Oil Kachhi Ghani Agmark Grade-1
Desi Wheat (C-306) Refined Cotton Seed Oil
Sugar Refined Soyabean Oil
Turmeric Powder  

The sale of HAFED consumer products of the last five years are as under:

(Rs. In crores)

2010-11 56.31
2011-12 75.98
2012-13 77.82
2013-14 78.53
2014-15 91.73
2015-16(Upto 30.09.2015) 35.64


HAFED exported its Basmati Rice to the countries like Australia, U.K. and U.A.E. in the year 2007 after a gap of 20 years. Since then, HAFED has exported its Rice to different countries like Asutralia, UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai & US.

Recently, in order to ensure marketing of HAFED products in the U.S.A. market, a long term planning has been made and a distributor has been appointed in USA. Till now, HAFED has successfully exported 100 MTs of Basmati Rice and to explore the market, 3 MTs of Mustard Seed Oil has also been exported in the US market through the distributor.