1. The General Body members of the Federation shall meet from time to time and at least once a year. A meeting of the General Body shall be convened by the Managing Director of the Federation under the directions of the Board of Directors. A General Meeting shall also be convened if the requisition of such meeting signed by not less than one fourth of the total members is received by the Board of Directors through Chief Executive Officer. If on the receipt of the requisition, the Board of Directors fails within a reasonable time, not exceeding 30 days, to convene the General Meeting, the signatories to the requisition may refer the matter to the Registrar, who may, if he thinks fit summon the General Meeting. The Registrar, may, on his own motion, at any time summon a General Meeting of the Federation. Every society shall be represented by one person duly authorized by the member society and the person concerned shall deposit the instrument so appointing him before the General Meeting.

2. At least 15 day's clear notice, specifying the date, place and time and the agenda of the General meeting shall be given to all members by issue of letters and publications in press also. The quorum for the General Meeting shall be one-fifth of the total number of members or 40 whichever is less If at the hour fixed for a General meeting, a quorum is not forthcoming, the chairman of the meeting shall, if the meeting has been called on the requisition of the members, adjourn it and no further general meeting shall convened on the strength of the requisition. If the General Meeting is convened otherwise than on requisition, the Chairman shall postpone the meeting to a further date. A fresh notice for the subsequent general meeting shall be given to all members. The business at the subsequent general meeting may be transacted with the number of members present.

3. The Chairman or in his absence, the Vice-Chairman shall preside over meetings of the general body; when both of them are absent the members present shall elect a Chairman for the meeting.

4. Every member of the General Body shall have one vote. Voting by proxies shall not be allowed at a General meeting. Unless otherwise provided in these Bye laws, all questions shall be decided by a majority of votes of the members present. When the votes are equal, the Chairman of the General meeting shall have a casting vote.

5. Unless otherwise provided in these Bye- laws, the ultimate authority in all matters relating to the administration of the Federation shall vest in the General Body.

6. Without prejudice to the general provisions of the preceding Bye-laws, the General Body of members shall have the following powers and duties:-

i) Approve the programme of activities of the Federation prepared by the Board for the ensuing year.

ii) Consider the Audit Report and the Annual Report.

iii) Consider the performance of the Federation for the preceding year.

(iv) Fixation of the maximum borrowing limit of the Federation consistent with these Bye laws, subject to the approval of the Registrar.

(v) Amalgamation of other similar Co-operative Institutions with the Federation.

(vi) Amendment of Bye-laws.


a) to elect the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

b) (i) to appoint the Executive Committee;

(ii) to appoint the Administrative Committee or other Sub Committee.

Provided that in the absence of such committees the powers shall vest in Board of Directors/Board of Administrators.

c) to hear and decide appeal against the order of the Executive Committee in cases expressly provided for in these bye-laws;

d) to appoint staff within the sanctioned strength as may be necessary and to determine their conditions of service subject to the approval of the Registrar.

e) to give directions to the Managing Director for convening a meeting of the General Body of the Federation and to present the Annual Report and Balance Sheet in the Annual General Body meeting;

f) to open branch offices at suitable centres and fix their jurisdiction, and to appoint local committees, if necessary, from amongst the share holders for supervising the business and working of such branches, and to define the power of such local committees;

g) to frame and subsequently amend rules for regulating the business and

working of the Federation consistent with the provisions of these bye-laws;

h) to purchase shares of other co-operative institutions and to invest the surplus funds of the Federation according to the Act and Rules framed there under;.

i) to open and to operate accounts with cooperative banks and other commercial banks approved by the Registrar and to raise loans on suitable terms and conditions.

j) generally to supervise all affairs of the Federation.

k) to appoint persons to represent the Federation on other cooperative societies and other institutions whenever and where-ever required.

I) To allocate the profits of the Federation as per provisions of Act, Rules and Bye-laws.


The powers and duties of the Administrative Committee shall be:

(i) To administer the Common Cadre Rules and to issue such instructions or directions as may be considered necessary from time to time to give effect or to carry out the provisions of the Common Cadre Rules in force.

(ii) To issue such instructions or directions as may be considered necessary from time to time for regulations and conditions.


The powers and the duties of the Executive Committee shall be:­

i) to grant admission to new members and allot shares;

ii) to arrange for procurement and sale of agricultural and allied produce

iii) to ensure compliance of suggestions and instructions contained in inspection or audit note relating to the Federation;

iv) to perform any other duties or exercise any other powers which may be assigned to it by the Board of Directors.